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Officer Information

Officers will need to download and complete the following officers application form to upload as part of the ticket purchase process.

Once the form is complete, proceed to the camp(s) you are wishing to apply for and purchase an officer/student officer ticket. At the checkout, before payment, you will be able to upload the form.

Officer Application Form 2019

Trainee officers application forms (for young people aged 17) are only available from the Camp Organisers.

CampContact name and numberEmail addressCamper priceOfficer
Junior Explorers (9-11yrs)
18th-24thAugust 2018 (6 Days only)
Stewart Lowry
07792 082445
[email protected]£70£50
Junior 2 (11-15yrs)
11th- 18thAugust 2018
Andy Curtis
(01626) 211216
[email protected]£95£65
Senior Camp (15-19yrs)
4th- 11thAugust 2018
Chris Bartlett
(01752) 767040
[email protected]£105£75
Junior 1 (11-15yrs)
28thJuly – 4thAugust 2018
Kevin Bartlett
(01803) 844941
[email protected]£120£80
Senior CampHouseparty (15-19yrs)
9th-11thFebruary 2018(Full fee due when booking)
Chris Bartlett
(01752) 767040
[email protected]£60£50

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