Menadue Junior 2

 A fun filled week, great Bible teaching, and life-long friends!

Time at Junior 2 is spent enjoying the activities of a week in Cornwall – cycling, canoeing, swimming and of course going to the beach – come rain or shine! We make full use of our time and with the help of invited speakers we are encouraged to consider a loving God and His hope for our lives.

Meet the Organiser…

Hello! I’m Andy and I’m the Organiser for Junior Two. We’d love to welcome you to our week at Menadue this year! 

2017 was a year of change, notably for myself and Julie (my wife), as we took on the Organiser role for the Junior Two week.  Aided of course by an experienced team with many happy years involved with camp; you should hear some of their stories – no really you should come and hear some! Julie and I have more recently been involved since our own family have been back as campers.

The Menadue site offers a wonderful opportunity for campers and leaders alike. Whether it’s to meet up with friends, make new friends or most importantly to be challenged about our relationship with the God of all that surrounds us. All this in a place that feels as if it were designed years before just for the camps of today!

Friends made can be lifelong and decisions life changing – come along and join us, camper or leader, but don’t forget to pack your boots and a smile.

Date: 8th – 15th August 2020

Price: £110

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