2017 Camp Information

Camp Dates Age (on 1st Sep) Cost
Senior House Party 10th – 12th February 15-19 years £40
Junior 1 29th July – 5th August 2017 11-15 years £105
Senior 5th – 12th August 2017​ 15-19 years £95
Junior 2 12th – 19th August 2017 11-15 years £75
Junior Explorers 19th – 25th August 2017 ​9-11 years £65

What is expected of the campers?

To ensure that everyone enjoys camp campers are asked to agree that…

  •  The Camp Organiser’s decision is final.
  •  I will follow the instructions of the leaders and rules of the camp at all times.
  •  I will try to join in everything, and demonstrate acceptable standards of behaviour.
  •  I am responsible for my own property and luggage and will make sure that my possessions are clearly named.
  •  I will wear clean, covered, comfortable and appropriate clothing.
  •  I will not bring to camp or consume at camp any alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, legal highs etc…
  •  I will not bring knives to camp or any other items deemed dangerous.
  •  I may bring a camera but no other electrical items.
  •  I agree to follow the Camp Organisers rules on the use of mobile phones. (Mobile phones ARE NOT permitted at Junior Explorers)

What is included in the cost?

The cost includes

  • Transport as stated on application form.   You must make your own arrangements to get to the pickup point.   No reduction can be made for those not using the transport provided.   (Transport is not provided for the Senior Camp Houseparty – please contact the Organiser for further details.)
  • All accommodation, transport and 3 meals each day during camp.

What discounts do you offer?

A discount of £10 for a second child and £20 for any subsequent children is offered to families sending more than one child.   To be eligible for the discount, all children must live at the same address and all application forms must be received at the same time.   Single applications made at a later date will not be eligible for the multiple child discount.   Discounts do not apply to the Senior Houseparty.   If you do not wish to take up the discount we will not deduct it from your balance

What insurance is provided?

Campers are responsible for their own equipment and personal belongings and are not covered by the camp insurance. Campers can put their money into the camp “bank” for safe keeping, otherwise they are liable for any losses.

How do I apply?

Click here to apply to go to camp.

Closing Date / Balance of Fees

Bookings are accepted any time after they are published on the first Sunday of January, and are accepted on a first come first served basis. The closing date is when camp is full, so please apply as early as possible to ensure a place, as camp can quickly become booked up. Any bookings received after a week is full will be added to a waiting list and a place given if one becomes available. Unless you hear otherwise you can assume your child has been accepted at camp. Please contact the Booking Secretaries if you wish to confirm this. All balances MUST be paid by 1st JUNE, (SENIOR CAMP HOUSEPARTY 1st MARCH) either to your child’s Youth Leader or direct to Tim and Sara.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the Camp Committee reserves the right to cancel camp and to refund any payments.

Letters advising on what clothing and equipment is needed, transport details and a medical records update will be sent out at the beginning of July. The adult who will be looking after your child at camp may write to them beforehand to introduce themselves.

Plymouth & District Assemblies Youth Camp has a Child Protection Policy, a copy of which is available here.

Each camp will have a Photographer who will take photographs and/or video during the week of the campers doing various activities.These are only used during camp or camp reunion and occasional for P&DAYC publicity, and will not be used for any other purpose.

How do I contact a camp organiser?

For further information about each week the camp organisers can be contacted directly on:

Senior / House Party

Chris Bartlett
01752 660499
[email protected] 

Junior 1

Kevin Bartlett
01803 844941        [email protected] 

Junior 2

Andy Curtis
​01626 211216        [email protected] 

Junior Explorers

Dave Santer
01803 862600
[email protected]