Safeguarding From Abuse
Policy Statement

The following policy was approved by the Menadue Christian Camps Trust in July 2016 and is due to be reviewed by June 2018.
For many years Plymouth District Assemblies Youth Camps Trust (now Menadue Christian Camps Trust) has been running Christian youth camps because of the care and concern they have for children and young people. Parents and carers entrust their children to us and expect us to be responsible and professional in our activities and in the way we relate to their children.

In the running of the Menadue Camps, MCC Trust also work with some people who are vulnerable because of reasons not relating to their age. We are similarly concerned for their welfare and well being whilst at camp and recognise they may need additional support throughout their time with us.

As part of our mission to teach and nurture young people in the truths contained in the Bible:

  • We have appointed experienced individuals to provide advice and guidance to our leaders in safeguarding young and vulnerable individuals at camp;
  • We provide support and guidance to our leaders and helpers in the caring of those entrusted to us;
  • We have developed a system for dealing with concerns about possible abuse and misconduct.

If you have any concerns for a young or vulnerable person, or in relation to any safeguarding matters then speak to the Safeguarding Lead for the relevant camp or to our Safeguarding Co-ordinator.

 Safeguarding Policy

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