Frequently Ask Questions

Where are Menadue Camps held?Picture
Menadue Camps are held at Menadue Farm on the north Cornwall coast, about a mile inland from the village of Tintagel. It boasts fantastic sea views, a great view of the stars on a clear night and many stunning sunsets have been witnessed.
Click here to see directions, maps and address details for Menadue Farm.

Who goes to Menadue camp?
There are currently 4 weeks of camp running for those aged 9-19.  Young people usually come from Plymouth, Torbay, Cornwall and the South Hams areas but some come from further away!  Often young people come from church youth groups, or with a group of friends. 

How do I apply to go to Menadue Camp?
You will need to complete an application form which can be filled in online or downloaded, printed and posted here.

When do I need to apply?
A.S.A.P with your deposit.
Full payment is required by 1st June.

What if I don’t know anyone who is going?
Don’t let that put you off.  Each week is aware that there will be a mixture of old and new faces coming so they plan activities to help you get to know new friends.

Can I go to 2 different weeks?
We only accept applications for 1 week unless you wish to attend the Senior Camp House-Party AND Senior Camp.

What do I wear?
In July, you will be sent a kit list. But to summarise you will need a range of warm, waterproof and cool clothes for the Cornish weather. You will need suitable shoes for a muddy field, coastal paths and for a beach. All clothing should be comfortable and appropriate for a camping environment.

What do I need to bring?
A generic kit list is available here.

In July you will be sent a kit list which is specific to the activities planned at the camp you are attending.  The main things you will need are clothes, a sleeping bag, an air bed or foam mat, a bible and some spending money.

What is a typical day like?
Every week and even day is different so it’s hard to say… but each camp will include the following in their daily programme:
           – 3 delicious meals plus supper.
           – A ‘talk’ from the Bible often part of the famous ‘Camp Circle’
           – A group discussion about something in the Bible.
           – Plenty of games, activities or entertainment.

I have heard some adults are called ‘Commies’, ‘Padre’s and ‘Officers’. What does this mean?
These are Royal Navy terms which have been used over the past 50 years of camp.

          Commie: The Camp organiser
          Padre: The one who will share a message from the Bible each day
          Officers: The name given to all other leaders…

How long has ‘Menadue Camp’ been running?
For the past 50 years. Over 25 years have been run at the current site ‘Menadue Farm’.

Why is Menadue Camp run?
To provide an exciting weeks holiday, in a Christian environment, where the message of the Bible is shared with all who attend. 

What activities will I do?
This depends on which week you attend but past camps have done activities including the following:
–    Cycling
–    Trips to the beach
–    ‘It’s a Knockout’ competitions.
–    Sea fishing at Padstow.
–    Lots of crafts
–    Coastal walks
–    Water Slides
–    Visits to Crealy or Trethorne

Do I have to attend the entire week?
We ask that everyone who attends, to stay for the full week to minimise disruption to the camp. However, if you have special circumstances then please contact the Camp Organiser directly. 

Who are the leaders that will look after me?
They come from a range of churches and all have DBS checks and have to complete a thorough application form. Many return year after year as they enjoy it so much. 

I have to eat a special diet – can I still come?
Yes – but please make this clear on your application form to allow the camp organiser and cooks plenty of time to ensure you are adequately catered for. If you want to bring special foods with you this is acceptable.

What facilities are available at Menadue Farm?
The site is undergoing a development plan and will be changing over the coming years but currently there are two fields where the tents are located, a barn and pig shed which have been converted and now used as a multi-purpose building and a galley kitchen, a shower and toilet block, a converted farmhouse and cottage and a small room called the ‘studio’ which is used as a craft studio or for other activities.

What is the ‘Code of Conduct’?
See the application form.

What if I am ill?
We have trained first aiders on-site and will seek medical support if you are very unwell.  Please make sure your camp organiser is aware of any medical conditions you may have by noting on your initial camp form or on the medical update you will receive in July. 

Do I have to sleep in a tent?
Yes! All campers sleep in tents with other campers of the same gender.

Do I have to take part in all the activities?
Each week will have compulsory and optional activities. If it is compulsory then yes you will have to take part. 

It’s a bit expensive. Are there are discounts?
We offer ‘Multi-child’ discounts to support family members sending more than one child. See the camp form for more details.

We also have a ‘hardship’ fund which we are happy to use to allow as many children to attend. Please speak to your child’s youth leader, the camp ‘agent’ who told you about camp or ring Tim and Sara Lawson for more details. Their details are on the camp form.

Camp is a bit expensive – is there any help available?
Sponsorship is available to assist young people to attend camp who are unable to afford the fees.  Please speak to your youth group leader or Tim and Sara Lawson on [email protected] or 01752 895356 for further information.